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@ colesprouse InstagramアカウントのCole Sprouseさんの写真

@ colesprouse InstagramアカウントのCole Sprouseさんの写真

Cole Sprouse


Please buy my essential oils. @camera_duels is my other account.

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Cole Mitchell Sprouse, who was born on August 4, 1992, is an American actor, and he is twin the brother of Dylan Sprouse. He is famous for his role as Cody Martin on the Disney Channel series “The Suite Life of Zack&Cody” and its spinoff “The Suite Life on Deck”. As of 2017, Sprouse stars as Jughead Jones on The CW television series “Riverdale”.

Twins were born in the Italian city of Arezzo, where their parents Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright taught them English in Tuscany. Dylan was named after the poet Dylan Thomas, and Cole - in honor of the jazz singer and pianist Nath King Cole. Dylan is 15 minutes older than his brother.

Four months later, the family returned to America, Long Beach (California). In 1997, their parents divorced, and the brothers stayed with their father and stepmother. The first big and conscious actor's experience was the role in the movie "Big Dad”, where the twins played the same hero (in accordance with the common practice in the United States of inviting twins to a role that allows you to overcome the legislative restrictions on the length of the filming day for the child). After that they had to play a few more small roles, and the real success came after the roles of Zak and Cody in the teen series “The Suite Life of Zack&Cody” in 2005. The sequel was successful after three seasons “The Suite Life on Deck”, where the brothers were also assigned the main roles.

The brothers live in Los Angeles, along with their father and stepmother. In the family of twins, there are three dogs. Their favourite actor and star is Adam Sandler. Dylan said that Adam is a "role model in acting" and that they learned a lot about the comedy from him. In mid-2010, Dylan launched a site for his art called Sprouse Arts, and in mid-2011, Cole launched a site for his photos called Cole Sprouse Photography.

In 2010, the twin brothers were both admitted to New York University. Their initial plan was to visit the university in the fall of 2010, but they postponed it for one year. Dylan originally planned to enter the faculty of fine arts, while Cole planned for the faculty of film and television production and slightly in drama. Instead, they both entered the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, which allows students to plan their own curriculum. Cole devotes his time to his program in the humanities and archaeology, while Dylan focuses on the design of video games.

In 2005, they registered the trademark "Sprouse Bros", under which the line of teenage clothes is produced, but in 2008 it ceased to function. On the motives of the series with their participation, a series of books was published, as well as a series of detective works "47 RONIN", telling about the adventures of the two brothers Tom and Mitch.

colesprouseのメディア:One more from my imagery for SS19 @primark with @nkoang

One more from my imagery for SS19 @primarkwith @nkoang

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Have socks, will travel 🙌

colesprouseのメディア:No photos please

No photos please

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colesprouseのメディア:The great @ellenvonunwerth asked for my best frilled lizard impression.

The great @ellenvonunwerthasked for my best frilled lizard impression.

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Cool pictures👍 but where’s your other leg in the 5th one? I’m actually confused..?

I’ll take my leopard jacket back now, thanks

colesprouseのメディア:Your chapel check point

Your chapel check point

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whoooooooooo gwoop

colesprouseのメディア:Just before he ripped my throat out

Just before he ripped my throat out

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ya man a frenchie wouldn’t do that smh

colesprouseのメディア:ABSOLUTELY 🚭 IN THE BUSH


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colesprouseのメディア:Here’s a statement and video from the CF community, with guidelines on how to support and view the

Here’s a statement and video from the CF community, with guidelines on how to support and view the movie safely. Please follow them. @goodonwheels@jeremiesaunders@travisflores@fight2breathe@catchingbreaths @fightlikeabossfilm @taylor_stroop @lung_story_short@cystik1@ashleys.roses. And if you are inspired by them please consider donating to @clairesplacefoundation and or @cf_foundation Together we can raise enough awareness and funds and #curecf. . “We (a group of Cystic fibrosis friends + a CF transmembrane related disorder warrior) came together in excitement for the release of @fivefeetapartfilmTOMORROW, Friday March 15. This will be the first time that CF has ever had representation as a plot line in a major motion picture! It has been such an incredible platform that has encouraged individuals, old and new, to the community to learn more, educate others, raise funds, and connect with more empathy. Since the launch of the Five Feet Apart marketing campaign, cystic fibrosis mentions increased by 113%. We hope as these numbers grow, the race towards the cure will as well! So as we gear up for tomorrow’s anticipated launch, we wanted to share our own ways on how we can be safe from each other as movie-goers. For those who are unaware, CF patients are encouraged to stay six feet or further apart from one another if found in an area where another CF patient may be. This is to help avoid cross infection (the passing of infection from one to another). Germs can spread as far as 6 feet through droplets released in the air when people cough or sneeze. By all means, we are not medical professionals. However, we are advocates wanting to do our best to keep our community and ourselves as safe as possible!” Want to help spread the message and awareness?: 1. Tag your CF community below 2. Repost this video to your walls or stories and encourage others to do the same 3. Share in the caption something you want people to know about CF #cysticfibrosis #cf

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colesprouseのメディア:Here are some clothes that smell like me that can smell like you too. props to @papermagazine and @

Here are some clothes that smell like me that can smell like you too. props to @papermagazineand @neimansmanfor the stylish fits and for getting me out of the same jacket I’ve worn since I was 16. #ad #neimanmarcus

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I love ads ! They are my favorite ! Buying everything here

Where can I buy your hair?

colesprouseのメディア:Did a little collab with @papermagazine and @neimansman inside a giant abandoned pool that I didn’t

Did a little collab with @papermagazineand @neimansmaninside a giant abandoned pool that I didn’t skate cause I don’t know how, anyhow here’s the video which is also an #ad . Also I wear a bucket hat, to be in unity with Hayao Miyazaki. So can you. #neimanmarcus

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bucket hat strong

colesprouseのメディア:Love you bud

Love you bud

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Love this pic 😍

colesprouseのメディア:@haleyluhoo and I take requests,  but I swear if you say something cliche like wonderwall then don’

@haleyluhooand I take requests, but I swear if you say something cliche like wonderwall then don’t even bother coming to @fivefeetapartfilmthis month because I’ll be there to personally kick you out. Here are some images of us for @wonderlandthat I think you’ll enjoy, one of which is a very close image of our faces for your binders or something. Can’t wait for you guys to see the film 💅🏻

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These are everything 🔥🔥🔥

colesprouseのメディア:Here’s some #relatable #content for you all

Here’s some #relatable #contentfor you all

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