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Dan Bilzerian's Photos in @danbilzerian Instagram Account

Dan Bilzerian's Photos in @danbilzerian Instagram Account

Dan Bilzerian


Snapchat: dbilzerian

Dan Bilzerian's Photos shared recently. Find All Instagram Photos and Other Media Types of Dan Bilzerian in danbilzerian Instagram Account.

Dan Brandon Bilzerian who was born on December 7, 1980 in Tampa, Florida, is an American social media personality. Dan Bilzerian is the older son of Terri Steffen and Paul Bilzerian, a US corporate raider with Armenian roots. His younger brother is Adam Bilzerian.

Dan Bilzerian joined the US Navy in 1999 and began training with the US Navy Seals. There he was disgraced from the US Navy after four years, shortly before the conclusion of the first phase of the SEAL training (BUD / S), because of public insult to his commander. He then began a degree in economics and criminology at the University of Florida.

His father Paul Bilzerian became known through controversial business practices, for which he was sentenced to several years' imprisonment in a trial from 1989 to 1991. Following a $62 million fine in another lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Paul Bilzerian filed for bankruptcy. He had already transferred large sums of his assets to family members, in particular the family of his wife Steffen and to a trust fund for the son Dan. Bilzerian is thus the heir of a fortune that is estimated at approximately $100 to $140 million and is spread across a complex corporate conglomerate that also has trademark rights to its portrait. Bilzerian received $9 million in revenue in 2016.

Bilzerian has a very extravagant Playboy lifestyle and likes to be photographed with luxury cars, weapons, money, private jets and lightly clothed women. These images are regularly published on various social media platforms, especially Instagram. Since he gained several million followers there with these pictures, Bilzerian was also known as the King of Instagram. By his own account he had several heart attacks due to this lifestyle.

Bilzerian repeatedly won large sums in risky and publicity-heavy betting stakes. He also played poker and won the Main Event of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas in 2009 to 180th place. He came by its own account on several occasions as an investor and co-founder in appearance, such as a capital for operating from February 2010 to May 2011 online poker platform Victory Poker.

In several US films Bilzerian occupied minor supporting roles. In Olympus Has Fallen - The world in danger, he took a role as a stuntman. He also appeared in Lone Survivor (he had himself invested a million dollars to get the casting role), The Damage Friends, The Equalizer and Cat Run 2.

In April 2014, he gained notoriety when a video was posted on the internet showing him trying to throw porn actress Janice Griffith off a rooftop in a pool. However, this failed, Griffith landed on the edge of the pool and broke her left foot.

His June 2015 announcement that he would run as a presidential candidate in the United States in 2016 was considered humorous by the US media. After the first election parties, including in nightclubs in New York, Boston and Las Vegas, the "primaries" Bilzerians was much quieter. In December 2015, he announced at a personal meeting that he supports Donald Trump again.

In October 2017, Bilzerian was present during the rampage in Las Vegas 2017. He initially fled to safety and described the events, then returned to the scene where he asked the police for a firearm, which was rejected and finally drove home. For his self- filmed and shared via Snapchat and Twitter actions he was then harshly criticized in the network: this kind of hypocritical self-expression during a real misfortune was disgusting and not helpful.
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danbilzerian's Media: They can’t tell us how to act @iamcardib @ignite

They can’t tell us how to act @iamcardib@ignite

Bel-Air Estate
Share 6.72K 1.15M

🔥🔥🔥🔥 - always killing it brother !!


danbilzerian's Media: Safer than a roof

Safer than a roof

Necker Island
Share 5.48K 896K

I would say her future looks brighter too, so even if something were to happen, there’d be no need for the money grubbing, sue happy tactics.

launch 10/10 - distance 9/10 - risk 2.5/10 , give the people what they want - another rooftop toss 🤣

danbilzerian's Media: Battling with my brother

Battling with my brother

Necker Island
Share 5.34K 936K

@sduncan_art checkmate!

Smoked 'em 💪🏾

danbilzerian's Media: Let’s talk about catfish

Let’s talk about catfish

Share 10.2K 1.38M

Bae we look good together @officialannalouise


danbilzerian's Media: I promise I have guy friends

I promise I have guy friends

Share 9.24K 1.04M

@t.p.newport yes sir 🔥🔥

danbilzerian's Media: Working out in the sun makes me happier than most things

Working out in the sun makes me happier than most things

Tulum Beach
Share 9.78K 1.37M

Nasty pump today 💪🏾

@danbilzerian Yes, but I know what makes you the happiest.... “turtles 🐢” ❤️

danbilzerian's Media: Been having trouble sleeping

Been having trouble sleeping

Park City, Utah
Share 33.7K 1.44M

Now I see why... 🤣🙌

@angeloomilanoo thanks brother appreciate you 🙏🇺🇸

danbilzerian's Media: Here I am with girls in the snow

Here I am with girls in the snow

Park City, Utah
Share 18.7K 1.7M

Soooo HOT!!! You guys are causing major global warming. Melting all the ice in UTAH 😫❄️❄️❄️🔥🔥🔥🔥

An apple a day... @danbilzerian 🍎

danbilzerian's Media: Smoke @ignite

Smoke @ignite

Las Vegas, Nevada
Share 7.91K 1.31M

Or you’ll die - alone, broke, and miserable 🔥 @danbilzerian

@teamvardanyan pretty sure my comment was in support of ignite lol saying “smoke ignite or you’ll die alone broke and miserable. Not sure what you read lol

danbilzerian's Media: Happy Holliday’s from the @ignite family to yours

Happy Holliday’s from the @ignite family to yours

Share 24.4K 2.64M

@sduncan_art we have that Santa bag 🤣🤣🤣

@lindseypelas 🔥🔥🔥

danbilzerian's Media: ‪The road to the top is better than the top, dont be in such a hurry that you don’t enjoy the ride

‪The road to the top is better than the top, dont be in such a hurry that you don’t enjoy the ride

Share 8.49K 1.16M

@sduncan_art more sunsets

@sduncan_art more sunsets

danbilzerian's Media: Thailand 🎥 @liverichmedia

Thailand 🎥 @liverichmedia

Sri panwa
Share 45.4K 2.09M

Happy Birthday Amigo 🍻

Happy mother fucking birthday 🎂 @danbilzerian

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