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deadmau5's Photos in @deadmau5 Instagram Account

deadmau5's Photos in @deadmau5 Instagram Account



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Deadmau5 (born January 5, 1981 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, real name Joel Thomas Zimmerman) is a Canadian music producer, who is mainly active in the styles Progressive House and Electro House and Deep House. He has his own label called mau5trap. He dated the tattoo-artist Kat Von D. The trademark and logo of deadmau5 is the Mau5head, which he wears as a mask at concerts.

Zimmerman first worked in a computer business in his youth and was already working on electronic music with trackers in his free time. In 1998, he worked as a co-producer at a radio station and was a software developer for 22 years in Toronto. He began producing music in 2005, under the name deadmau5. In 2006, he released his hitherto most successful singles “Not Exactly” and “Faxing Berlin” ,which, however, could only enter the DJ charts a year later. On August 12, 2017, he married his long-term friend Kelly Fedoni.

In 2008, Zimmerman and Billy Newton-Davis won the Canadian Music Award “Juno Award for Best Dance Track of the Year” titled “All U Ever Want”. For the first time in the same year he played at Beatport Music Awards, whose winners are chosen by the users of the well-known online music shop for electronic dance music Beatport, he was successful several times: he was both the best electro-house as well as the best progressive house. His single “Not Exactly” won the title "Best Single 2008". He was also voted the "most influential person" and the "best producer" of the electronic dance music scene at this event. In 2008, he was voted by the readers of the well-known DJ magazine DJ Magazine at # 11 of the most popular DJs, making it the best newcomer. In 2009, the readers of DJ Magazine voted him at No. 6, 2010 even fourth place. In 2010, he won the distinction of being at the Winter Music Conference Best American DJ. His single Ghosts 'n' Stuff was also awarded Best Electro Track.

The idea for his stage name leads deadmau5 back to an event where he found a dead mouse in his computer. He says: "I once smelled a bad smell in my room, and when looking into my PC I found a dead mouse skeleton in it. From that moment on, my friends called me "dead mouse". But in IRC your nickname can only be eight digits long, so I called myself "deadmau5", while the 5 means a p. And I just kept it. "

The "mau5" in its stage name means "mouse", the S is written as 5, but pronounced as the letter. As logo he uses a stylized mouse head.

In the "Reaper of Souls" expansion for the computer game "Diablo 3", there is an amulet named "Halcyon's Ascension" which resembles the deadmau5 mask. It also lets enemies hop around for a few seconds when you activate a special skill. There is also a quote for this amulet: "Raise your weapon, raise your weapon ... and it's over," which is inspired by his song "Raise Your Weapon."

In addition, he has in the computer game "Watch Dogs" (2014) as Alter Ego (with a rat head) a performance as a DJ and hacker of the opposing party.

deadmau5's Media: 1914044781745184020_25063782

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deadmau5's Media: @vertimusichall. berlin.

@vertimusichall. berlin.

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deadmau5's Media: That serial number tho.

That serial number tho.

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deadmau5's Media: the 5012 didn't come in Shelford blue... but I LIKE IT!

the 5012 didn't come in Shelford blue... but I LIKE IT!

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I have no idea what that means, but the goat is cool.

@estherthewonderpig Hahaha agreed!

deadmau5's Media: Oh cool. Copycat learned to climb up the screen door and get stuck up on the window sill and meow t

Oh cool. Copycat learned to climb up the screen door and get stuck up on the window sill and meow till someone has to get her down. Fun.

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deadmau5's Media: Kitty!


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deadmau5's Media: Yeah great, so much for trying to sleep. Ffs

Yeah great, so much for trying to sleep. Ffs

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deadmau5's Media: Perfection! @timhortons  #smilecookie :D

Perfection! @timhortons #smilecookie:D

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deadmau5's Media: Why?


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deadmau5's Media: I'm not sure any of them understands how this works

I'm not sure any of them understands how this works

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deadmau5's Media: Where we droppin?

Where we droppin?

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deadmau5's Media: Copycat.


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deadmau5's Media: Someone hates her harness.

Someone hates her harness.

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