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Ed Westwick в @ edwestwick учетной записи Instagram

Ed Westwick в @ edwestwick учетной записи Instagram

Ed Westwick


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Jack Peter Edward "Ed" Westwick, who was born on June 27 1987, in Stevenage, United Kingdom, is a British actor and musician, best known for his role as Chuck Bass in the television series "Gossip Girl".

The future actor was born in the family of Peter Westwick and psychologist Carol. Edward was the youngest of three sons. In his time, Westwick studied at one of the private schools, as well as at the Barclay School. After - Ed entered North Hertfordshire College and as a student took part in the filming of his debut film - "Invasion", directed by the now deceased Anthony Minghella.

Ed Westwick is a professional actor. For some time, he improved his acting skills in one of the youthful London theatres - the National Youth Theatre. Subsequently, Edward starred in such television films as "Doctors" (the role of Holden), "Casualty" (the role of John Cullin), "After Life" (Darren's role). The audience also remembered the actor for participation in such films as "Children of Men" and "Son of Rambow".

As for the role in the series "Gossip Girl", Ed emphasizes that there are more differences between him and his hero Chuck than similarities. He says: "At the age of 17, I was a bit like Chuck, but I had a different background and other desires, and there was not a whole series of mistresses. I'm a good guy.” And he adds: “I do not like hangouts and clubs, I prefer spending time with friends at someone in the apartment. I'm still young and I want to become famous as an actor, so that I can be respected for my roles, and not for what I do in public in my life.”

In 2008, Ed Westwick became the new face of the famous company "K-Swiss". In 2009, Westwick played the role of Randy Holt in “S. Darko” - the sequel to the film “Donnie Darko”. In addition, in the third season of "Californication" on Showtime, he played a student who was fascinated by vampire literature. In January 2011, Westwick took part in the filming of the film Clint Eastwood “J. Edgar”, a biographical picture of the first chapter of the FBI Edgar Hoover, whose role was played by Leonardo DiCaprio. In the same year, he starred in the romantic comedy "Chalet Girl" along with Felicity Jones.

He participated in the sound version of the audio version of the book Cassandra Clare "City of the Fallen Angels", and also sounded another novel by Claire - "Mechanical Prince" from the series "Hell Designs". In 2013 Ed Westwick took part in the new adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. There he played the role of Tybalt, cousin of Juliet (played by Hayley Steinfield).

Westwick was married to actress Renee Diamond, but they parted, and their marriage was cancelled. From 2008 to 2010 he was together with actress Jessica Zor, whom he met on the set of the television series "Gossip Girl". From 2007 to July 2009 Westwick shared an apartment in Chelsea, New York, along with his colleague Chase Crawford from the TV series "Gossip Girl". Since 2017, he has been dating model Jessica Serfati.

edwestwick: 1982916176314860157_585123204

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edwestwick: 1982945353361329872_585123204

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edwestwick: A close shave

A close shave

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edwestwick: Poland. 1943.

Poland. 1943.

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edwestwick: Happy Valentine’s Day 🌹 Tell me your ideal romantic getaway

Happy Valentine’s Day 🌹 Tell me your ideal romantic getaway

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edwestwick: Meet Major Kaminski

Meet Major Kaminski My New Film. ENEMY LINES.

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edwestwick: Waiting on you.
-New York City
📷: @sean.andrew.jackson

Waiting on you. -New York City 📷: @sean.andrew.jackson

New York, New York
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edwestwick: Flower power

Flower power

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edwestwick: Finding my shot 📷🎞 @sean.andrew.jackson

Finding my shot 📷🎞 @sean.andrew.jackson

worthless studios
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edwestwick: Inner dialogue
📸: @sean.andrew.jackson

Inner dialogue 📸: @sean.andrew.jackson

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edwestwick: I'm excited to come to Paris to meet you guys at @dreamitcon #YKYLM fanmeet on March 23rd. Link to

I'm excited to come to Paris to meet you guys at @dreamitcon #ykylmfanmeet on March 23rd. Link to buy tickets in my bio. For more info, you can check their website See you all soon Xx Ed

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edwestwick: 🎭
📷: @sean.andrew.jackson

🎭 📷: @sean.andrew.jackson

worthless studios
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edwestwick: Before sunset

Before sunset

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edwestwick: Ay ay cap’n ⚓️

Ay ay cap’n ⚓️

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