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Shawn Mendes's Photos in @shawnmendes Instagram Account

Shawn Mendes's Photos in @shawnmendes Instagram Account

Shawn Mendes



Shawn Mendes's Photos shared recently. Find All Instagram Photos and Other Media Types of Shawn Mendes in shawnmendes Instagram Account.

Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, born on August 8, 1998 in Toronto, Ontario, is a Canadian pop singer- songwriter, who became known through the Internet.

Mendes grew up in Pickering, a suburb of Toronto. He is of Portuguese and English descent. He attracted attention on the Internet, especially on Twitter, YouTube and Vine, where he published a cover version of Hometown Glory by Adele in 2012. At the age of 15, he was signed by Island Records. Largely without support from radio and television, he secured a large following on the Internet and reached at Vine 3.8 million fans. His first release in the summer of 2014, the song Life of the Party became the most widely shared song of the week on Twitter and also made it into the official charts of Canada and the US. In the Billboard Hot 100 he reached place 24 and was the youngest interpreter, who reached such a high ranking with his debut single. In other countries such as New Zealand and Sweden, the song was successful.

On YouTube Mendes also reached high call numbers and exceeded the mark of 10 million with the video to the song as well as with the subsequently released videos to Show You and Something Big. It was followed by other publications, which made it partially in the charts. As a guest vocalist on the Simon-and-Garfunkel -version Oh Cecilia of the Vamps, he had a top 10 hit in the British charts. In February and March 2015, he toured Europe and North America. He also accompanied Taylor Swift on her North American tour.

In mid-April his debut album Handwritten was released. In the United Kingdom, it came in 12th place, in Sweden and Portugal, it was among the top 5. In Canada and the US, Mendes was the second Canadian after Justin Bieber, who came with his debut album on the charts at the age of 16. In January 2016, he was awarded the People's Choice Award as Favorite Breakout Artist. In November 2016, he was awarded the MTV EMA named best male act. From April 2017 to December 2017 he is on the Illuminate World Tour.

shawnmendes's Media: @CalvinKlein #MyCalvins. Campaign coming this week.

@CalvinKlein #MyCalvins. Campaign coming this week.

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Someone somewhere is realizing right now this photo was taken in their Airbnb....

shawnmendes's Media: 🖤🖤 @alessiasmusic

🖤🖤 @alessiasmusic

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shawnmendes's Media: ✨✨ thank you @recordingacademy !! X

✨✨ thank you @recordingacademy !! X

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UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. You guys sounds great together🙏🏻

shawnmendes's Media: Filmm 📷@samdameshek

Filmm 📷@samdameshek

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loyal duo

shawnmendes's Media: Every time I’m blown away with you and your performance and love for what you do. So proud of us Ca

Every time I’m blown away with you and your performance and love for what you do. So proud of us Camilita !! X

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shawnmendes's Media: 1977236060213448049_212742998

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shawnmendes's Media: ❤️❤️


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shawnmendes's Media: 🖤


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The most iconic 👑🙌

shawnmendes's Media: @mileycyrus 🖤🖤

@mileycyrus 🖤🖤

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YES 🦄🦄🦄🦄🎉🎉🎉🎉

Obsessed with this duo 🙌👑

shawnmendes's Media: 🖤🖤


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Love you both! 🙌


shawnmendes's Media: 1975350605415143029_212742998

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shawnmendes's Media: 🖤 @mileycyrus @dollyparton

🖤 @mileycyrus @dollyparton

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What a jacket.

Lol yes to this jacket.

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