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Tyler Blackburn's Photos in @tylerjblackburn Instagram Account

Tyler Blackburn's Photos in @tylerjblackburn Instagram Account

Tyler Blackburn


Actor and then some

Tyler Blackburn's Photos shared recently. Find All Instagram Photos and Other Media Types of Tyler Blackburn in tylerjblackburn Instagram Account.

Tyler Jordan Blackburn (born Tyler Jordon Blackburn, born October 12, 1986, Burbank, California) is an American singer and actor.

Tyler Blackburn was born in Burbank on October 12, 1986, in California. He has three brothers and a sister. Tyler has English, Croatian, Welsh, Czech, Swedish roots, as well as the roots of the Cherokee Indians.

Tyler Blackburn is an American singer and actor. Blackburn began his career in 2002 with filming in the series Nickelodeon "Not This". The following year,he played a teacher in a short film. In 2005, he starred in an episodic role in the film "Next of Kin". In 2007, Blackburn appeared in "Detective Rush" and "Rockville, California", in 2010 he starred in the series "Days of Our Life" and "Giant", as well as in the independent film "Peach Sliva Grusha".

In October 2010, Blackburn was taken to the permanent role of Caleb Rivers in the series "Lovely Deceivers". He was transferred to a series of regular actors during the third season (summer 2012). In March 2011, he joined the cast of the comedy on NBC 's Brave New World. In May 2013, it was announced that Blackburn had joined the main line-up of the spin-offs of the "Sweet Deceivers" - Ravenswood.

For his role in Alloy Entertainment web series "Wendy", Blackburn recorded a song which was released on August 15, 2011. He recorded another song for the ABC Family television show, "The Secret Life of the American Teenager".  In 2012, he recorded "Find a Way" and the song played while he was starring as Caleb Rivers in "Pretty Little Liars".

tylerjblackburn's Media: California Dreamin’

California Dreamin’

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tylerjblackburn's Media: Venice Bitch

Venice Bitch

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Channeling this through the RAIN STORM CRASHING DOWN ON US

tylerjblackburn's Media: I've grown up some
Different kind of fighter
And when the darkness comes let it inside you
Your dar

I've grown up some Different kind of fighter And when the darkness comes let it inside you Your darkness is shining My darkness is shining Have faith in myself Truth

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tylerjblackburn's Media: Ready for the water again

Ready for the water again

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tylerjblackburn's Media: Major


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tylerjblackburn's Media: Road trip

Road trip

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tylerjblackburn's Media: Arsenic.


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That’ll do

tylerjblackburn's Media: Yum 🍶

Yum 🍶

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Nooooo what?! 😝

tylerjblackburn's Media: #roswell


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Home sweet home. 🛸

tylerjblackburn's Media: I’m so happy to be working with @aveda as an official #AvedaPartner for their 40th anniversary, a b

I’m so happy to be working with @aveda as an official #avedapartnerfor their 40th anniversary, a brand with products that are effective, safe and use botanical science. It’s these qualities that define what the brand is made of. Me? I am RESILIENT, FOCUSED & COMPASSIONATE. Aveda and I want to know: What are YOU made of? Comment below and tell me three words that describe you, and enter a chance to win my favorite @aveda products. Giveaway ends 8/17. #knowwhatyouremadeof

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My beautiful baby. I love you

tylerjblackburn's Media: Begin Santa Fe series

Begin Santa Fe series

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I loved you in the Roswell, NM pilot!!

tylerjblackburn's Media: Love of my life. ❤️

Love of my life. ❤️

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