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The Good Place

The Good Place is an American comedy television series created by Michael Schur. The series premiered on September 19, 2016 on NBC. The series focuses on Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), a young, recently deceased woman who wakes up in the afterlife and is sent by Michael (Ted Danson) to "The Good Place", a sky-like utopia he designed, as a reward for her for a fair life. However, she quickly realizes that she was sent there by mistake, and must hide her morally imperfect behaviour (past and present). William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, and Manny Jacinto co-star as other residents of Good Place, along with D'Arcy Carden as an artificial being that helps the inhabitants. The Good Place has received critical acclaim since its premiere, with many praising its performances, writing, originality, location, and tone, as well as its dramatic turn at the end of the season. The 30th of January of 2017, NBC renewed the series for a second season of 13 episodes, which premiered on 20 of September of 2017, with a premiere of one hour, before moving to a normal schedule on Thursday at 8:30 pm, as of September 28, 2017. After she is beaten and left for dead by a trailer truck carrying a billboard of erectile dysfunction products, a woman named Eleanor wakes up to discover that she has entered into the afterlife. But when she tells her mentor Michael that she is in the "good place" because of her good deeds, helping innocent people to be runners of death, she realizes that a mistake has been made as people think that she is another person with the same name. Trapped in a world where no one curses or gets drunk and everyone is always nice, Eleanor is caught between staying in this other life or trying to find a way to return to her worldly life on Earth, as her entrance in the "good place" she has caused interruptions since her arrival. Now Eleanor must hide her past not-so-perfect mortal behaviour from all over the world so they do not send her to the "wrong place."

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mrs_n_i_n_a: Мои новинки февраля. Ироничные комедии с небольшой долей  черного юмора. Советую к просмотру (смотр

Мои новинки февраля. Ироничные комедии с небольшой долей черного юмора. Советую к просмотру (смотрю на 1. Miracle workers (Чудотворцы) Стив Бушеми в роли Бога и Дэн Рэдклифф в роли одного из работников Департамента, по ответу на молитвы. Именно он решает помочь человеку или поставить штамп impossible и отправить молитву Богу напрямую, он то должен решить. Ну а Бушеми в свою очередь, который ведет себя как полный разгильдяй, выступает с неожиданной речью перед всеми работниками департаментов. Что же он такое решил? Сериал недавно вышел в эфир, пока 1 серия. 2. The Good Place (Хорошее место) Главная героиня Элеонор при жизни была не особо хорошим человеком. Нелепая случайность и на парковке ее сбивает насмерть ряд тележек из супермаркета. По неведомой ошибке она оказалась в лучшем мире. Сама она в шоке, теперь всеми силами пытается как можно скорее измениться, чтобы никто из ее новых друзей и родственной души не догадались. Но не все так просто в так называемом лучшем мире 😯 Друзья, есть что посоветовать?! Давайте делиться 😉 #series #tvshow #miracleworkers #thegoodplace #seasonvar

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philosophy_fix: #philosophy #ethics #Plato #Aristotle #funny #thegoodplace #chidi #eleanorshellstrop

#philosophy #ethics #plato #Aristotle #funny #thegoodplace #chidi #eleanorshellstrop

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wannabe20_20: #20190216
1월 내내, 군것질도 많이 하고 야식도 꼬박꼬박 챙겨먹고 밥도 평소보다 두세배 먹었다. 겨울은 좀 쪄도 되니까 :) 몸무게는 별로 안 늘었는데 몸이 많이 못나졌

#20190216 1월 내내, 군것질도 많이 하고 야식도 꼬박꼬박 챙겨먹고 밥도 평소보다 두세배 먹었다. 겨울은 좀 쪄도 되니까 :) 몸무게는 별로 안 늘었는데 몸이 많이 못나졌다. 먹을 만큼 먹었으니, 이제 건강하게 먹고 식사량 줄여야지ㅠ^ㅠ 붕어빵은 옥에 티..냄새가 너무 강렬해서 그냥 지나칠 수 없었어.. #일상 #먹스타그램 #음식 #체중조절 #다이어트 #다이어트식단 #다이어터 #유지어터 #맞팔 #소통 #샐러드 #스페셜케이 #마켓컬리 #닭가슴살 #좋아요 #넷플릭스 #넷플릭스추천 #굿플레이스 #thegoodplace #밥먹으면서 #보기좋아염 #instagram #instagood #instafood

Seoul, South Korea
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