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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an American television series by Frank Darabont. The plot is based on the eponymous comic series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. The series started on 31 October 2010 in the United States at AMC with an approximately 67-minute pilot episode as part of the so-called "Fearfest" of the transmitter. In October 2017, the series has been renewed for a ninth season, which is expected to be broadcast in autumn 2018. The Walking Dead plays so far mainly in the metropolitan area of Atlanta in the US state of Georgia and tells the story of a small band of survivors after a worldwide zombie - apocalypse . Under the leadership of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes, the group is looking for a permanent and, above all, safe accommodation. Here are the almost everywhere present undead, within the group called "Biters" and "Walkers", is a constant threat that can strike at any time without warning. As a result of various deaths, new and new entrants, the size and constellation of the group are constantly changing. Over time, the more stable core of the group grows together emotionally and sees itself as a family alliance, in which everyone is willing to sacrifice his own life for the sake of the other if necessary. Searching for a safe place leads the survivors through zombie-infested towns and forests, highways, military facilities and secret research facilities. Everywhere the group gets there has the plague already raged and turned almost all humans into zombies. On the way, the group meets other survivors, individually and in groups, who are partly peaceful, partly neutral, but also hostile.

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zenchyk 's Medien: When @robinlordtaylor makes up 4 of your 9 top Instagram photos for the year, you might be a fan! L

When @robinlordtaylor makes up 4 of your 9 top Instagram photos for the year, you might be a fan! Love that Scott Wilson (miss him), Milo Ventimiglia, Chandler Riggs, and the horse named MO were also included! #instagramtop9 #toonine2018 #robinlordtaylor #Gotham #Penguin #MiloVentimiglia #ThisIsUs #ScottWilson #ChandlerRiggs #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FanGirl

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zainap.twd.spn.siren.riverdale 's Medien: Father and Daughter ❤
#spnfamily #Supernatural #spn #jeffreydeanmorgan #thewalkingdead #TWD #TWDFam

Father and Daughter ❤ #spnfamily #supernatural #spn #jeffreydeanmorgan #thewalkingdead #TWD #TWDFamily

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#TheWalkingDead #caryl #daryldixon #CarolPeletier #NormanReedus #MelissaMcBride

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